Textures are sound compositions in which main aspect is the organic combination of sound elements, like for textiles and the walls in architecture. Sound textures are related often to drone music because of his external staticity, where in the internals different minimal variations occur. Listening in textures is different from the main one; where in mainstream composition you are conscious of the form, here you are conscious of the sound and this active listening, a sort of research listening, becomes deep and deep… this is why this music is well suitable for meditation or relaxing practice, because a researching attention produces concentration and this produces relaxation. Different techniques are here practiced and different materials are played to create organicity; this technical textile is a veil that separates the listener from the emptiness. So, if you want to listen the tracks here you have definitely to open the ears to the emptiness and the Silence that this naturally produces.


ABANDONED COMMUNITIES (2014) w/ Lee Anthony Norris

2nd REPORT (2013)

1st REPORT (2013)

ALL THE STONES OF OUR LIVES (2009) [Treetrunk084]

SLOW CASCADE (2009) [Treetrunk080] w/ Mystified

ENKEDEU (2009) [Treetrunk077]